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The way we talk to one another keeps changing. Once, we relied on letters, telephones and fax machines but now we prefer speedier and sometimes less intrusive types of communication like email or instant messenger. A lot more popular, however, and a phenomenon of communication experienced worldwide, is sending SMS texts to one another via cellphones (often known as mobile phones or cellular phones).

So, what is SMS?

Short Message Service (SMS) is the general name for the technology which enables visitors to send and receive texts via cellphones (or mobile phones).

The GSM digital mobile phone standard (popular in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and some parts of THE UNITED STATES) state that: “Messages can be around 160 characters of text in length”. CDMA networks allow greater message size and operate in North & SOUTH USA, Asia (China, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, etc).

(In actual fact, most modern cellphones utilizing the GSM standard send messages bigger than 160 characters, but they achieve this by sending multiple messages of 160 characters. Which means that when you send a note of 330 characters long, you have actually sent two messages of 160 characters and one message of 10 characters.)

SMS messages can include words, numbers or an alphanumeric combination; binary format is even supported.

Technically speaking, SMS is a store and forward service. This means that messages aren’t sent directly from sender to recipient, but always via an SMS center instead. You’ve got a limited time and energy to download or receive your messages (this happens automatically once you switch your cellphone on), otherwise the messages are removed from the SMS center concerned.

Message delivery (or failure) can be confirmed, too.

Note: this is the limited definition of sms. A fuller explanation can be found at


Sending SMS is a great, quick way to talk to family and friends. Unlike sending email, though, sending SMS messages is often not free. In britain, for example, messages often cost �0.10 per message. And with people sending tens or hundreds of messages each day, costs can mount up.

So mobile phone companies design payment plans that allow you to send a certain number of text messages free per month. Or, in the event that you pay enough of a monthly fee (or top-up your pay-as-you-go phone often enough) you may even be allowed to send an unlimited amount of sms messages for free.

Still, this is the costly way to send ‘free sms’.

A much better way is by using so-called ‘free sms sites’.

Yes, there are various, many websites that allow you to send free SMS text messages online. Simply enter your message at such a website, then the cellphone number you wish to send a text message to, and click the send button. Sometimes the messages are delivered immediately, or within the area of an hour roughly. Also, quite often there is no need to register to use the free sms service.

Example free sms sites include, and Fonetastic, and you could now find free sms on too.

Like anything else on the internet, some free SMS sites are better than others. For instance:

Some open for business one week and are closed another, unable to recover their costs of delivering a large number of sms text messages. (There’s always a cost connected with sending sms text messages online for the sms site concerned.)

Some free sms sites work in a single country but not another.

And, most worryingly, some free SMS sites are simply not free — either it costs the person to send the sms messages, or it costs someone to receive them.

sms versturen via pc en internet naar mobiel Basically, a great deal of free sms text messaging sites begin free, then either go wrong or start to charge.

That’s why a trip to a free SMS directory, where sites are reviewed or commented on, is preferred. For example, there are a lot more than 150 free text messaging sites currently listed at

Is Sending Free SMS Really Safe?

Yes. Usually.

It must be safe to send free text messages using a text messaging site, but many people have been caught out by services that sneakily help you to first join a subscription service, that often costs several dollars per week. It can be quite difficult to unsubscribe from such services, too.

In most cases free SMS sites benefit from the advertising on the websites or in the specific text messages being sent; these sites don’t normally abuse their relationship with individuals doing the SMS texting. It is also generally true that text messages get sent quickly and people do not receive so-called SMS spam on their cellphone or mobile phone afterwards.

Again, a good free SMS directory provides enough information about a free of charge sms service or site so that you can be able to decide for yourself.

Sending SMS text messages to your family and friends is quick, easy and fun. But it doesn’t have to cost you anything, if you discover and work with a free SMS texting site that lets you send text messages to the united states where they live. Happy texting.

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