Hello friends so today in bitcoin mixer this post we’ll be giving you every single detail about the Chemomab Therapeutics Ltd NASDAQ CMMB at As you know most people have been investing in stocks as the stock market is considered as one of the best assets. People usually invest in stocks they don’t know but what about getting full information about the stock.

The chemomab therapeutics company is a biotech company which focuses on creating and discovering therapeutics for conditions like High unmet need and fibrosis related diseases.

Chemomab serves treatments for patients who are facing and suffering through Fibrosis related disease. The chemomab serves its customers worldwide and has a well known place in the market. As it comes under the health care sector. The sub industry is biotech and pharma. It was founded on 22/09/2011. The founder of the company is adi mor. And it’s headquarters are situated in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Nasdaq cmmb has a total market cap of 371.54 million. The stock opened at 33.79 and previously closed at 34.26. As it has a volume of 39,483. As we talk about it’s ranking is quite good and the shares of Chemomab Therapeutics Ltd is currently at a price of $34.74 which is offering up a huge capitalization to the company.

The chemomab therapeutics has 463,741.91 total number of shares. And as we talk abou it’s day low and day high its daily low is 33.00 and high is 34.90. As the health sector generates most of the traffic from the investors and at the same time gives the best returns the chemomab can be the best option if an investor is looking to invest in the health and pharma sector.

As the growth has been good enough and the performance as the chemomab as we consider for 5 days there is 13.68% of growth has been assigned by the chemomab whereas the insane growth of 138.65% has been carried out throughout last year.

The Nasdaq cmmb has an unique place in the pharmaceutical sector as it has a perfect growth curve.


As here in this post we’ve discussed detailed information about the Nasdaq cmmb is a well known company in the stock market. We hope you liked this post and received valuable information from it. If you’re looking forward to buy stocks of Chemomab Therapeutics Ltd company make sure you research before buying it. There are many other stocks like nasdaq viac at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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