3 LARGE EXERCISE MAT Secrets You Never Knew

You wouldn’t wear soccer cleats to play a casino game of basketball, can you? So, why would you believe one exercise mat is the same as any other? Perhaps it is because you don’t realize the subtle differences that go into the various types of mats. The truth is, that using the incorrect mat for the particular workout or sport will not only leave you sore and frustrated, it might actually lead to a personal injury.

Anyone who has ever practiced yoga can tell you that to be able to hold a pose may be the most important section of the physical and psychological experience. This is the reason a yoga mat has a special ‘sticky’, non-skid surface which will enable the user to carry that pose, without slipping, even if their hands and feet are sweaty.

The good qualities for a yoga mat don’t necessarily apply to a Pilate’s mat. The perfect Pilate’s exercise mat is first of all, long enough for the height. Mats can be purchased in lengths up to 86 inches to accommodate all of your body. As well as the size, a quality Pilate’s mat is a firmly padded surface, much thicker than a yoga mat.

large exercise mat For a portable model, you can get many roll-up models at sporting goods stores. For a studio type, durable mat, choose a folding mat manufactured from rubber or closed foam, although a bit more expensive, it really is an investment which will pay back in the intensity and duration of your workouts when done on a cushty surface.

Other styles of floor mats are designed for specific needs. Wall mats are perfect for the protection of these who practice gymnastics, wrestling, or indoor basketball. Anti-fatigue mats are a weary Mom’s companion, offering optimum cushioning more advanced than throw rugs. Perfect for people that have back or foot problems, which are frustrated by extended periods of time spent standing on a difficult surface.

An firm, solid exercise mat designed to cushion heavy weight machines, can preserve your flooring, and utilizing an interlocking product can ensure the cushioning only where you will need it most or for a big working area.

It makes sense to cover as attention to your exercise mat as you do to your workout. Minus the correct equipment, you not only compromise the benefits of your workout, nevertheless, you risk an injury that could sideline you for weeks or months.

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